5 Simple Projects to Increase the Value of your Home  

Regardless if you want to enhance the aesthetics and the functionality of your property or you won’t sell your home at some point, there are a lot of simple DIY tasks that could increase your home’s value. Here are the following projects you can apply that could assist you to achieve your goals: 


Minor kitchen   

There are many things you could make to improve the look and feel of your kitchen. This includes painting your cabinets or setting up a new counter top. Moreover, one good way to incorporate life into your kitchen is to renovate your back splash. These days, you can have back splashes with colored lights. In addition, you can install a back splash that’s tile-and-grout. Even though this task is quite more complex, it will surely increase value to your property.  

Adding a new deck  

One of the smart ways to boost your outdoor living space is to add a deck to your home. Always remember that you would have to make sure that, for this project, you should select the appropriate wood to make sure that your flooring would hold up for a long time. Before you install it, take time to consider and plan the design of your deck. Also, before you make any decisions regarding your own deck, it is a great idea to have a neighborhood walk and look at other houses within your place to tell what will work and what will not work.  

Minor Bathroom remodel  

If you really want to change the look of your bathroom, you can add a new vanity top, backsplash, and sink. Even new bathroom accessories and towels could do wonders to providing a bathroom the face enhancement it needs. You can also install new fixtures. A brushed nickel would present a modern and nice touch. Even adding new hardware or a fresh coat of paint could add new life to your bathroom.  

Replacing your window 

Window replacement could immediately enhance the feel and look of your home. They can modernize a tired living area and add light in dark rooms. Also, changing your windows could enhance the energy efficiency of your home. A lot of us do not really observe closely, however, once we did, we would see that we have window frames that have air gaps that surrounds the edges. This means that they are allowing air to escape in and out that we’re not aware of. This could boost your cooling and heating costs. Hence, if we invest in new windows, we could really be saving funds. 


Those ideas and hacks are only at the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know more tips, hacks, and tricks, just visit Handyman Services LA or contact us through our designated number on our site. Moreover, if you want a handyman to do these hacks for you, we can recommend you to our reputable handymen in our company. Just visit the website and fill out the form for a free consultation. Our professional handymen would definitely be pleased to work with you while completing the proposed project. We do these handyman services LA to satisfy the needs of our valuable clients.  


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