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Supra Men's Stacks II 直輸入品激安 SALE開催中 Vulc

Supra Men's Stacks Vulc II


Supra Men's Stacks Vulc II

Product description

The pioneering low-top in contemporary skate-shoe design has been given a new, slimmer cut. Its vulcanised sole provides better grip and a classic board-feel.

From the manufacturer

supra shoes supra shoes supra shoes supra shoes
Hammer Run Shoes Cuba Skate Shoes Skytop V Shoes Vaider Shoes
Top Low Top Low Top Mid Top High Top
Lace + + / - + +
supra shoes supra shoes supra shoes
Stacks Vulc II Shoes Stacks Shoes Aluminum
Top Low Top Mid Top High Top
Lace + + +

Supra Men's Stacks Vulc II

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