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直営限定アウトレット Tocco Reale Women's Cashmere Blend Sweater Turtle スーパーセール期間限定 Neck

Tocco Reale Women's Cashmere Blend Turtle Neck Sweater


Tocco Reale Women's Cashmere Blend Turtle Neck Sweater

Product Description

Tocco Reale Women's Cashmere Blend Turtle Neck Sweater

An elegant, royal touch - that's the feel of Tocco Reale. Our premiere sweaters are handcrafted with careful detail to construction and styling.

The modern fit of the sweater is an off the runway style with an everyday, sophisticated look. Style with a blouse and trousers for an office ready ensemble or simply with jeans.

This cashmere blend is soft and every bit as luxurious. Our Women's Turtle Neck sweater is an update to the classic sweater staple.

Simple. Elegant. Tocco Reale.

Fabric and Styling


  • 3.5% Cashmere, 7.5% Wool, 35% Cotton
  • Premium Cashmere blend
  • Soft hand feel

  • Ribbed turtle neck
  • Waffle Stitch texture
  • Long sleeves
  • Beautiful solid colors
  • Classic colors easy to pair with your favorite bottoms
  • Exquisite craftsmanship and detailing

Elegant packaging makes it the perfect gift idea

Gift Packaged

  • Packaged in a ready to gift elegant sturdy box
  • Sweater comes beautifully wrapped in Tocco Reale branded tissue

Size Chart

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash, Line dry
  • Steam iron as needed

Tocco Reale Women's Cashmere Blend Turtle Neck Sweater


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