YIMERAIRE,Necklace,Photo,/moio1988793.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Personalized,www.dmvtreasures.com,Steel,22円,Stainless,Chain,with 22円 YIMERAIRE Personalized Photo Necklace with Stainless Steel Chain Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women YIMERAIRE Personalized Photo Necklace 永遠の定番モデル Steel Chain with Stainless YIMERAIRE Personalized Photo Necklace 永遠の定番モデル Steel Chain with Stainless 22円 YIMERAIRE Personalized Photo Necklace with Stainless Steel Chain Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women YIMERAIRE,Necklace,Photo,/moio1988793.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Personalized,www.dmvtreasures.com,Steel,22円,Stainless,Chain,with

YIMERAIRE Personalized Photo Necklace 永遠の定番モデル Steel Chain 贈答 with Stainless

YIMERAIRE Personalized Photo Necklace with Stainless Steel Chain


YIMERAIRE Personalized Photo Necklace with Stainless Steel Chain

Product description

➤Chain Pendant Hip Hop Jewelry Picture Pendant Necklace for Men with Tennis Chain Angel Wing Necklace with Pendant Custom Jewelry ➤Design Your Own Picture necklace's perfect gift for family、lovers、friends、coworkers、men、women、kids、boys and girls.It's opportunity to show your feeling about her.
➤Shinning and fashion gift for Christmas day, Halloween, Women's day, Father day,Mother day and so on.
Necklace with picture custom hip hop memory pendant necklace for men women
Custom pendant hip hop packing:
hip hop photo pendant * 1,
custom chain necklace * 1,
Gift box * 1.
➤Personalized custom picture/photo pendant necklace specification:
photo pendant necklace men chain type: tennis chain/rope chain and cuban chain.
custom picture necklace color: rose gold necklace, gold chain, silver necklace.
➤Custom picture necklace with chain customized must time:1-5 days.
➤The custom picture necklace for men ideal for any occasion. eg: mother’s day, father’s day, Birthday, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Wedding Anniversary, Valentine's Day and so on.
➤Custom picture necklace for women is perfect gift for hip hoop people.
➤Custom necklace for men with picture design fashionable, incorporating popular elements of hip hop, is a wonderful gift for your friend or your self.
How to take care of your jewelry?
1. Avoid your jewelry touch Acid Alkali,other Corrosive Chemicals and sharp things, eg: Cosmetics, perfume and so on.
2. Do not wear jewelry during exercise, bathing and swimming,keep your jewelry in box.
3.Avoid bumping or rubbing with hard objects to avoid scratching the surface.
4.Wear it carefully, don't tear it hard to avoid damage about necklace.
➤custom necklaces for women with picture is made of YIMERAIRE shop, we always insist on the best quality and best service.
✉If you have any question about our product or service, please free fell contact us.

YIMERAIRE Personalized Photo Necklace with Stainless Steel Chain


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